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November 7, 2008

Obama addressed the media for the first time today as President-Elect. Skip to around 15:30 if you're only interested in news about the puppy.

Everybody's favorite 8-bit, evil-fighting robot takes on the forces of stop-motion. The soundtrack alone is Grammy-worthy.

The rumors that North Korean leader Kim Jong Il is dead or incapacitated have been given new life by a series of photographs just released by his government that appear to have been PhotoShopped. Apparently, they don't have the clone stamp tool over there yet.

The mystery man who provided a shoulder of support to Oprah Winfrey during Tuesday’s rally has been revealed as Sam Perry, a communications director and fundraiser for Silicon Valley for Obama.

Bush's dog Barney bites a Reuters reporter. Hopefully the new First Dog will be a lot nicer to the media.

Democratic Congressman from New Mexico is the hottest new member of Congress. users chime in to help a poor guy who wants to keep eating his big meals, without the sluggish slowdown from the task of digestion.

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