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November 24, 2008

Cat Chases His Leash

Jesus, get a Roomba already.

Programmer Rap Battle

Two programmers go head to head in this vicious rap battle over instant message.

John Legend's Nutmeg

Last night on Stephen Colbert's Christmas Special, John Legend us all know that his nutmeg is "the only residue [he] wants you wiping of your face."

Faith-Hope Williams

Laura Williams is about to break one of those records that didn't really need breaking: she'll be the youngest woman ever to deliver conjoined twins. Their names will be Faith and Hope. Also, they probably won't survive, and she may be rendered infertile.

Tiny Kitchen Cooking Videos

"Tiny Kitchen" is a new video series by aNew York Times recipe tester with a kitchen featuring only two feet of counter space.

Collaborative Spreadsheet Art

If you and a bunch of your friends have about 15 hours to kill, you can use to make pretty snowflakes. Time. Well. Spent.

eHarmony Now Open to Gays

eHarmony will create Compatible Partners, a separate but equal branch of the popular dating site after losing a lawsuit accusing them of discrimination.

Shawshank Redemption, '80s Style

Shawshank Redemption was a great movie and all, but would it have hurt them to include a couple more montages?

Collection of Awkward TV Moments

Sarah Palin may be the Queen of excruciating television mishaps, but her important work in the field of awkward is only the most recent in a long and illustrious line of embarrassing live television moments.

Recut Movie Trailers: A Collection

Almost every movie trailer can be remixed into a horror version. They're pretty cool and kinda creepy, especially my favorite, Home Alone. Here's a collection of them.

Thank You, Sarah Palin

This awkwardly timed new ad from a Conservative PAC follows up Sarah Palin's disastrous turkey pardoning interview with a heartfelt Thanksgiving "thank you" to the Alaska governor.

Eiffel Tower

In case you didn't know what an eiffel tower was. I only learned what it was less than a year ago, and it has been a staple of my everyday vocabulary ever since.

Mime That Tune

The Quietus is a game that tests if you can identify famous album covers based only on a mime in a leotard.

Facebook's Project Palantir

A group of Facebook engineers created a video that shows Facebook activity happening in real-time around the world.

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