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November 24, 2008

Last night on Stephen Colbert's Christmas Special, John Legend us all know that his nutmeg is "the only residue [he] wants you wiping of your face."

"Tiny Kitchen" is a new video series by aNew York Times recipe tester with a kitchen featuring only two feet of counter space.

If you and a bunch of your friends have about 15 hours to kill, you can use to make pretty snowflakes. Time. Well. Spent.

eHarmony will create Compatible Partners, a separate but equal branch of the popular dating site after losing a lawsuit accusing them of discrimination.

Shawshank Redemption was a great movie and all, but would it have hurt them to include a couple more montages?

Sarah Palin may be the Queen of excruciating television mishaps, but her important work in the field of awkward is only the most recent in a long and illustrious line of embarrassing live television moments.

Almost every movie trailer can be remixed into a horror version. They're pretty cool and kinda creepy, especially my favorite, Home Alone. Here's a collection of them.

Amy Winehouse loses Blake to a German supermodel named Sophie Schandorff.

In case you didn't know what an eiffel tower was. I only learned what it was less than a year ago, and it has been a staple of my everyday vocabulary ever since.

The Quietus is a game that tests if you can identify famous album covers based only on a mime in a leotard.

A group of Facebook engineers created a video that shows Facebook activity happening in real-time around the world.

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