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November 28, 2008


A home-made arcade game for kitties.


A virtual toupee shop lets you upload a photo and try on a multitude of toupees and eyeglasses. But it's in Japanese.

Holiday Cards for Geeks

It's never too early to send your loved ones a hexcode-themed Christmas card. Even if it does just confuse and worry them.

Experimental Philosophy

Comedian Eugene Mirman creates a YouTube spin-off of the New York Times Magazine story on experimental philosophy from a couple years ago.

My First Tweet

This new Twitter app lets you see the first Tweet you ever made. Five bucks says it was "Trying out Twitter." Check it out, and add yours below.

Star Wars Vs. Star Trek

As if there were any doubt as to the outcome, someone has taken the time to pit Captain Picard against Darth Vader in this epically geeky battle of wits.

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