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November 6, 2008

A breeder in Texas breeds cats to have inverted elbows (Radial Hypoplasia) in their front legs.

Kidkel69 is a middle-aged, single mother from Tony Romo's hometown of Burlington, Wisconsin. For almost three years now she's been campaigning to be the first "Internet celebrity" to make the cover of Rollingstone Magazine (or as she says it, "the cover of the Rollingstones."

A couple of instances this week have taught us to perhaps keep our personal lives off Facebook for a trouble-free existence.

The backup center for the Texas Longhorns got kicked off the team for posting Obama assassination remarks on his Facebook profile.

The Italian prime minister, known for making goofball remarks, calls Obama "young, handsome and even tanned."

It's not clear whether this particular violation of our innocent childhood memories is funny or just profoundly unsettling. I'm sure Winnie had it coming though.

After Anderson Cooper went on the record as saying that he looooved Real Housewives of Atlanta, housewife NeNe thinks she could really "get down" with the Silver Fox.

New York-based safari planner 2Afrika is advertising an 11-day tour through the significant landmarks of Barack Obama's life through Kenya.

One of Barack Obama's biggest tests upon taking office will be selecting an appropriate puppy for the First Daughters. The nation is already holding its breath while he ponders this essential decision. Let's create a collection of appropriately presidential puppies for Malia and Sasha. Upload a picture of a puppy and explain why you think he or she would be a good fit in the White House.

A pong game using dry-erase markers coupled with a computer developed by 3D software development company.

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