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November 17, 2008

E-Harmony Fail

Or win, depending on how you look at it.

World Domino Record Broken

The Netherlands shattered the record for most dominoes toppled at once this weekend. Apparently, it took them a year to design the 4.3 million-domino extravaganza.

Dead Pregnant Anaconda

This is scarier than that movie with J.Lo where they kill the anaconda with an axe.

Throwboy Pillows

They make pillows that incorporate niche technology and geek culture. The Mac OSX icon pillows are so cute! I always wanted to cuddle with that little Finder icon guy.

Cooking Mama Kills Animals Game

PETA has released a gory Flash parody of the popular "Cooking Mama" games to shame people into eating tofurky this Thanksgiving. Play it quick before Nintendo sues them for copyright violations.

Obama and McCain Meet in Chicago - Awkward!

Obama and McCain meet for the first time since the election. Noting the nervous laughter and stiff body language, you'd think it was an awkward blind date or something.

Inadvertently Porny RPG Game

A trailer clip from the PS2 game Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia seems more like a porn plot set-up than a kids' game.

"I Want It That Way" 10 Years Later

Watch a Kevin-less Backstreet Boys perform their classic "I Want It That Way"on TRL's final show.

'Motrin Moms' Ad Disaster

A Motrin ad focusing on backaches caused by baby slings horribly backfired this weekend, and offended moms on Twitter are leading the charge against the company. Motrin has issued an official apology, and its site has been down since last night, but the PR disaster is still raging on Twitter and elsewhere around the Web. Judge for yourself whether the ad is offensive.

Beluga Whale Snowman

It's officially winter. A white Beluga whale wears a snowman-themed Christmas hat placed on his head at an aquarium in Japan.

Obama on "60 Minutes"

Barack and Michelle participate in their first post-election interview on 60 Minutes tonight.

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