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November 18, 2008

Gross Microsoft Zune Ad

Apparently, the Zune is still a thing, and they have a new ad that debuted during Heroes last night. This is not that ad, but it is much, much grosser.

Kissing Booths

Girl-guitar-genius Marnie Stern sets up kissing booths at two of her shows.

Cat Rides a Roomba

I'm going to warn you right now - there's absolutely nothing more to this video than a cat riding a Roomba. But still.

What's a Hipster?

An investigative report delves into the lives of NYC hipsters and their hipster denial.


A site that compiles the best fashion photography from Flickr.

The Casual Collective

Superstar Flash-game designers David Scott and Paul Preece have teamed up to create a free-online-game company called The Casual Collective, which is launching today with 8 simple but addictive games that will help you eliminate your chances of ever getting anything done at work.

Carmen Meets Borat

A documentary about a Romanian 17-year-old girl whose life was turned upside down when Borat came to town.

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