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March 23, 2010

"To The Moosemobile!" Just Doesn't Sound The Same

Many of Bob Kane's DC ideas didn't quite make the cut. But for the grace of God goes Batman.

Michelle Bombshell Has Porn Webcam Videos Too

The latest viral buzz from

The Periodic Table of Periodic Tables

Periodic tables, ranging from useful to useless, all organized into a single, handy periodic table.

I'm Kind Of A Big F*cking Deal

This Joe Biden thing is turning into its own big f*cking deal.

Cat Creates Its Own Obstacle Course

One man's closet is another cat's Double Dare challenge.

Iggy Pop's Last Stage Dive

Iggy Pop's Carnegie Hall audience parted ways to let him fall to the floor during a stage dive.

Free Pastry Day At Starbucks!

Sure, spring is finally here and the health care bill just passed, but we’ve got much more important news for you. There will be free food Tuesday at Starbucks.

Unemployed Man Giving Away $10 Every Day

Reed Sandridge lost his job last year and took up a new hobby. He gives away $10 every day to someone who looks as if they could use it, a different person every day.

Parks And Rec Theme Rap Remix

Last week's remix of the theme from The Office was great, but the hot ish this week is this freestyle remix from E-Dubble from another NBC hit, Park and Recreation. (Thanks Michael)

Super Kawaii Penis-Handling Guide

A Japanese guide to penis-handling, if you're into imagining sexual acts with Precious Moments characters.

Meet Zaky, Your New Babysitter

Your toddler will hardly notice you're gone while enveloped in these freakishly giant stuffed hands. I could see this developing into some kind of weird fetish later on in life, though.

The Justin Bieber New Album Drinking Game

Justin Bieber's new album comes out today! Here's a fun drinking game you should play while listening to his amazing new CD.


Prove your sincerity with this software application that automatically detects if you're smiling IRL, and then sends the smiley emoticon to the front-most application running.

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