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March 5, 2010

Japanese Hot Dogs

Whoa, Japanese hot dog stand Japadog is opening a cart in NYC, and these hot dogs look amazing.

Birthday Dog Is Stoked

New meme, you guys! The awesome, unflappable, clearly stoned birthday dog has started showing up everywhere.

"Tik Tok" Justin Bieber Birthday Remix

Hey, you guys, Justin Bieber turned 16 on Monday!

Butt Drugs

A commercial reminding you to support your local mom n' pop drugstore!

John Patrick Bedell (Pentagon Shooter)

John Patrick Bedell is the name of the gunman who opened fire at the Pentagon yesterday, wounding two officers and suffering fatal injuries when they returned fire.

There Are 90 Types of Bitches in This World

I implore you, what type of bitch are you? I'm definitely what they would call a Complex Bitch: a mixture of #12, 13, and 64.

Mr. Burns IRL

A great 3D representation of Mr. Burns, liver spots and all.

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