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March 10, 2010

Life Is Hopeless: A Story Told in Toilet Paper

Someone hates their life so much that they spent all their time making a stop-motion movie about it using toilet paper.

Two Captured Ghosts for Sale

Two captured ghosts bottled in holy water were recently sold for $2,830.00.

Mondrian Cake

From the food court at SF MoMA. This is way more palatable than their Damien Hirst cake.


Not that it's going to help, but comforting to know you have the option.

Pick Two

May need to do some quick math on whether plastic surgery is more expensive than therapy before you make your choice.

Otter Riding

Here's a picture of a lazy-ass baby otter who's so lazy that he rides on his mom like she was some kind of otter skateboard. Unbelievable. Otters make me sick. (Via.)

Polyamory Is Wrong!

A very strong case for the deep, abiding wrongness of polyamory. Incidentally, television is wrong too, but that's probably not going to stop anybody.

The Miracle of Birth

This video of a seal being birthed is the most epic juxtaposition of cuteness and grossness.

Burrito, The Golfing Dog

A chihuahua named Burrito in golfing garb?

Google Maps Bike Directions!

Google Maps has introduced bike directions in beta!

Stop. Trying. To Eat Me!

A touchy cat just doesn't appreciate the sweet, sweet love of an innocent puppy.

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