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March 11, 2010

15 Superfoods You Should Buy Now

MainStreet’s Top 10 Superfoods, the reasons why they are so super and our favorite recipe for each ingredient.

How to Fart in Public

This is the type of PowerPoint presentation that you don't fall asleep during.

WTF Jeans

Gadget-friendly jeans feature a hidden memory stick pocket, an iPhone pocket with padding, and a padded crotch (because they're for dudes, obvs).

David Foster Wallace, "Viking Poem"

Childhood writings of a tragic genius. Stay away from Vikings, y'all. Miss ya', DFW.

The Most Spoiled Cat

This cat lives in a nicer (and probably bigger) apartment than your East Village walk-up.

This Homeless Man Is Your New Fashion Icon

According to Blackbook, this homeless Chinese man, now dubbed "Brother Sharp," is the new Mary Kate Olsen.

Flying Panty Party

The Japanese are weird.

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