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March 8, 2010


Train your duck to be the best racing duck on the circuit!

Roy Ashburn Is Gay

Remember the strongly anti-gay-rights, family values California state senator who got caught drunkenly driving home from a gay club last week?

20 Great Chat Roulette Trollin' Screenshots [NSFW]

Chat Roulette has quickly become a playground for Internet trolls who want nothing more than to make you look like an idiot. Here are 20 Chat Roulette trolls at their best.

Darth Maul Is a Jerk in Real Life

An autistic kid with cerebral palsy gets semi-attacked by Darth Maul at Disneyland.

Let Out The Funk

Let Out The Funk is the new best song, by these two guys. It's about (as Amanda would say) being your best self and letting your light shine.

Those Were The Days

Your little piece of nostalgia for the day.

Donkey Kong IRL

Donkey Kong and Mario, spotted on a fire escape somewhere in New York.

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