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April 9, 2009

Eagle Visits Cat

We have had a lot of cat buzz on the site today, so I want you to think of this as eagle buzz.

A Cat That Fetches

This cat gets extra points for not only being smart, but really really cute.

Tofu License Plate

A lady in Colorado has had her ILVTOFU vanity license plate vetoed because someone at the DMV thinks it means "I love to eff you."

Lickable Ads

Russian Standard has taken out an ad in the Guardian that you can lick to get a taste of their vodka. Apparently it's a new technology called "Peel n' Taste" that works much like those Listerine breath strips that dissolve in your mouth.

The Cat Burglar

Meet Jack the cat and his owner Judy. Jack lives a "Jekyl and Hyde" double life, normal cat by day, thief by night. Judy calls it his "fetish."

Bad Dogs

Dogs, they're just like us!

Gay Marriage Causes Storms

The latest anti-gay marriage campaign suggests that gay marriage is going to cause some kind of epic end of the world storm. Luckily, Nation for Marriage's rainbow coalition will save us.

Inhalable Chocolate

Chocolate inhaler that lets you breathe chocolate without the calories instead of eating it. Comes to the US in late May.

Melissa Scott

Televangelist Melissa Scott has a secret porno past as Barbie Bridges.

Britney Spears Hates Weed

Britney Spears stopped her concert in Vancouver after only four songs because the audience was smoking too much weed. After the smoke cleared, she came back to perform the rest of her show. She ended her set with a very Britney PSA. "Drive safe, don't smoke weed, and rock out with your cocks out. Peace motherfuc*ers!!!"


A simple javascript game that lets you create music by drawing lines for chiming balls to bounce off of.

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