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April 6, 2009

Thomas Broome

Swedish artist makes these amazing typographic illustrations using text, which he calls Modern Mantra.

Giant Penis Parade

In Kawasaki, Japan, they celebrated penises with a big colorful penis parade.

Tone Matrix

Tone Matrix is a sine wave synthesizer designed by Andre Michelle.

Posthumous Michael Crichton Books

Two Michael Crichton novels recovered from the author's computer are going to be published posthumously starting this fall, according to his publisher.

"It's My Scar" Jewelry

It's My Scar makes wax renderings based on photos of scars sent in by customers, and creates jewelry replicas.

Key Ring Thing

Key Ring Thing is a nifty new product that allows you to consolidate all those loyalty cards you end up with for grocery stores and such. Good Morning America featured Keyring Thing this morning, and it's the hottest search term on Google right now, since everyone's clearly sick of having, like, 15 loyalty cards on their key chain.

Slaughterhouse 90210

This Tumblr site takes stills from popular television shows and adds an intellectual quote underneath. Instant profoundness!

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