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April 3, 2009

Brian Cushing Drug Test

The NFL Draft is about to get a lot more controversial due to a report by that USC linebackers Clay Matthews and Brian Cushing tested positive for steroids at the Scouting Combine.

'Cutest Thing' Contest Winners!

OMG, it's a tie! The official "cutest things that are things" are: 1) T-shirts made to look like overalls with painted kittens in the pockets (natch); and 2) Adorable coffee that smiles at you!

Civiballs (Game Battle!)

Civiballs is an awesome physics-based puzzler. Cut the chains so the balls go into the amphora of the right color. For this week's Game Battle, the loser will be the person whose game gets the most abuse in the comments. I did not want to do it this way, because I just want everyone to get along, but Scott (who also hates puppies, unicorns, and Obama) is just so full of anger these days that there's no reasoning with him. So please play Civiballs, then go to Scott's game and heckle the crap out of it. Feel free to just let it all out. Thank you!

"Blood" Cheetos

A billboard in LA shows a Salsa Cheetos ad that depicts a soccer referee covered in chunky blood splatters.

Rush Limbaugh Talks About Anal Poisoning

Limbaugh says the following about Gordon Brown’s kind words about Barack Obama in London: "...Gordon Brown will come down with anal poisoning and may die from it.”

Dallas Cowboys Band: Free Reign

Dallas Cowboys linemen Marc Colombo (vocals/guitar), Cory Procter (drums) and Leonard Davis (bass) have formed a heavy metal band called Free Reign, and they even have a Myspace page.

Cute and Cuter

A single-serving Tumblr blog for the ladies: cute boys with other cute stuff.

Celebrity Stalker Mugshots

The hottest trend in Hollywood right now is having a stalker. Shawn Johnson and Jamie Foxx are two recent additions to the ever growing list of 'Stalkees.' I've compiled some of my favorite mugshots for you guys. This first one is of Jamie Foxx's stalker. Somehow he tricked Jamie Foxx into thinking he was a producer for Beyonce.

Rachel Ray Moaning

I was searching YouTube this morning for video footage of Rachel Ray moaning ecstatically, and what do you know? Somebody sorted me out.

$50 Computer

AT&T will offer a $50 laptop with a 2-year wireless-broadband contract.

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