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January 8, 2010

The Fart Machine

A guy with a fart machine in a backpack walked around Times Square, wreaking havoc on unsuspecting tourists.

Sigur Rós is Cooking for You

Jónsi ( lead singer from Sigur Ros ) & Alex Recipe Show comprises a few episodes of the boys demonstrating how to make some of their favorite raw food recipes.

Socotra Island

Guys, not to be talking ourselves up too much, but Socotra Island, just off Yemen's coast, is one of the most beautiful and untouched spots on Earth. It's worth knowing about.

Calvin Faces!

We did it, you guys! We made some awesome collaborative Calvin faces! Thanks to everyone who submitted pictures - here are the fruits of your labor. It came out really kind of amazing.

Bra Color Facebook Statuses

If you're female, you probably already know that you were supposed to post your bra color today as your Facebook status to support breast cancer awareness.

Robert Burden's Toy Box

Robert Burden has taken some favorite childhood toys and used them to make some magnificent paintings.

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