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January 13, 2010

Trees On Mars

NASA's HiRISE camera has just captured this stunning picture of what appear to be trees on Mars. Turns out they're not actually trees but something more "sciency" and "boring." Still, Mars looks pretty.

I Can Has Watermelon

Puppies + kitten enjoy a refreshing slice of watermelon in a gratuitously cute om nom nom video.

Cute Red Polka Dots Yo Yo for Your Scrapbook Applique Trims Embellishments

This Auction is for 10, 2 inch bright red dots print cotton fabric. There are 10 each having small crochet flower with bead in center.All the crochet flower are tightly stitched with the yo yo. They come from a smoke and pet free home. if you have any queries or want in larger quantities do mail me. i would be happy to answer all your queries

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