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January 12, 2010

10 Mash-Ups That Rock!!!

Most mash-ups are strange, but these take the cake. Who would have thought Beyonce and Andy Griffith had such amazing chemistry?

Will It Waffle?

If you've got a waffle iron, you'll want to keep an eye on this site for potential waffle escapades you never before thought possible.

Dan Brown's Singing Career

I did some fruitful Dan Brown research today. Before he changed all of our lives with The Da Vinci Code, Brown released two AMAZING pop albums. If, like me, you believe that Dan Brown is the greatest American prose stylist since Henry James, you will have no trouble agreeing that he could also have been the next Bob Dylan. Listen to these glorious samples.

Sex Toy Infomercials

Here are some videos of people selling sexual paraphernalia on late night TV, but with the same perky mom-friendly manner as a T-Fal cookware anniversary special.

Sexy C-3PO

Those fantasies you're always having about C-3PO being a sexy chick with nipple tassels?

Scary Dutch Ad

Either this ad copy reads differently in the Netherlands, or the Dutch are a much more frightening people than I had previously thought.

Teacher's Pet

This is why you don't give people rodents for their birthday.

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