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August 10, 2007

RealDoll Art Hacks

Unsatisfied with the out-of-the-box RealDoll, people are figuring out new uses for the plastic she-friend -- like making movies, art, and documentaries.

Slow Design

The international Slow Food movement has inspired a new "slow" approach to design.

Irn Bru

The orange fizzy drink is bigger than Coke (in Scotland).

Rick Ankiel Returns

The one-time St. Louis Cardinals pitching phenom is back in the big leagues as a power-hitting outfielder.

Bionic Breakthroughs

Rubber prostheses and cable-operated hooks are giving way to more sophisticated mechanical limbs.

Cougars vs. MILFs

It appears that hot older women having sex with younger men is so popular that one word can't contain the phenomenon.

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