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August 12, 2008

The Chupacabra

Two police officers in Cuero, TX managed to capture video footage of the ever elusive Chupacabra.

Yang Peiyi

She's the voice behind the patriotic anthem sung at the Opening Ceremony, performed by a cuter, more TV-friendly lip-syncer named Lin Miaoke.

The Michael Phelps Diet

The Olympic swimmer who won his 3rd Gold medal at Beijing claims he eats a 12,000-calorie-a-day diet of pasta and pizza.

Toyota Winglet

Toyota has come up with a vertical, mechanized scooter (aka personal transporter) that's meant to be a Segway killer.

Underage Gymnasts

The Chinese are suspected of fielding underage gymnasts, who are typically lighter and more audacious, to compete in the Olympics.

Toy Souvenir Photos

An ongoing book project by Hughes Photography in which toy replicas of famous landmarks are held up and photographed in front of the real thing.

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