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Best of 2015

Best of 2015

How deep is your lyrical knowledge?

What a year!

Did you fall for any traps this year?

"If you water an apple tree with apple juice, is it forced cannibalism?"

Snapchat is truly the art form of today.

More glow than be!

Here are the poetry collections — from newcomers and veterans alike — that we absolutely loved in 2015. (Ranked in no particular order.)

Oh Ed, how we miss you.

From Amy Schumer and Daisy Ridley to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, here are the actors, filmmakers, and studios with reason to celebrate their 2015 — and others who likely are happy to see it go.

The BBC's Nick Sutton and Neil Henderson tweet the front pages of every newspaper every day of the year with the hashtag #tomorrowspaperstoday. Here are their most retweeted front pages this year. (Warning: this post contains upsetting images.)

The most purrfect cat of the year.

It's been another great year for social media fuck ups.

What a year to be alive.

Which meme sums up your year?

You’ll love them just as much as the kids will.

What a time to be alive!

Black and Gold? Blue and White?

All of the love songs we loved this year.

New year, new you.

We literally get paid to do this for a living...and yet...

The most important discoveries, stunning photos, and inspiring scientists of the year. (And the crappiest stuff, too!)

It's probably best to do your own photoshopping.

Goats are the coolest kids on Instagram.

"There will be blood." —2015, probably

This has been a tumultuous and difficult year for cats, but it has not been a year without cat triumph, cat perseverance, and – dare I say – cat redemption. These were the most important cats of 2015.

More like Taylor-Still-Hotner, AMIRIGHT?

Can you even handle the cute?

A look back at some of the brightest ideas and most beautiful writing about food, health, style and more that we published in the past year.

Sometimes love is worth the risk.

Time to get the year-end trophies out.

"You've gone through so much trouble to be a woman. Don't be a stupid one. Be a smart one."

2016 will be your best year yet.

All good things must end.

2015, what's good?

Go weird or go home.

Auld bulge syne.

What did we do to deserve him?


Some of the most imaginative uses of one of the oldest tricks in the book.

Against all odds.

Janet and Janelle and Erykah, oh my.

How good is your (recent) memory?


It’s one thing using a seat for your bag, but a totally different thing using a seat for your typewriter lid.

One word: Yum.

The Underwear Expert recently posted a video in which they review New Year's Eve underwear traditions from around the world.

But seriously can we get Dollarydoos?

Smoking social media mates.

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