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17 Of The Most Unforgettable Moments From "The Bachelor" In 2015

"It's like nothing you've ever seen on The Bachelor before." Yeah, right.

Before every new season of The Bachelor, our beloved host, Chris Harrison, tells us the same semi-misleading thing:

ABC / Via

But whad'ya know, this year he MEANT it. Chris Soules, AKA "Prince Farming," and his ladies delivered with some of the most memorable moments in Bachelor history yet.

1. Like when Tara, the "Sport Fishing Enthusiast," got out of the limo wearing this farm getup:


And then proceeded to get entirely too schwasted for the rose ceremony.

2. Or when Reegan, the "Cadaver Tissue Saleswoman," whipped out this heart:

ABC / Via

Interesting prop choice.

3. When our favorite funny girl, Kaitlyn, hit us with this classic and punny farm joke:

ABC / Via

Crushed it.

4. Or when Ashley S. continually confused and entertained us with her crazy onion talk.

5. Basically anytime she talked at all, actually.

ABC / Via

We all know she was our favorite part of Chris' season.

6. When the women raced tractors in Downtown L.A.... in bikinis.


Because nothing says romance more than a high horse-power machine and scantily dressed women.

7. When Mackenzie, the quirky, single mother told everyone she believes in aliens.

ABC / Via

And we were all kind of like, "WHAA???" And then she still magically made it to week five 👽.

8. When Ashley I. and Britt ran a river dry, like so:

This unfortunately wasn't really a singular moment, considering it happened on several occasions 😭.

9. The moment when Chris called Juelia down for a rose and Jillian mistakingly walked down instead. / Via


10. When Kelsey, the “sweet” little guidance counselor, had a dramatic, yet wildly questionable panic attack just to spend more time with Chris.



11. And then when she creepily gave Ashley I. a piece of her mind for ratting her out. / Via


12. When Jimmy Kimmel made a cameo and sent Chris and Kaitlyn on the most epic Costco?

ABC / Via Hulu

Dating IRL.

13. The time when Chris and Carly got hot and heavy when they visited a "love guru."

We didn't really NEED to see this painfully awkward sexual interaction.

14. When Britt visited Chris' freakishly TEENY-TINY town with the girls and was the only one to admit it was NOT an ideal location to call home.

Note to self: never move to Arlington, Iowa.

15. The awkward moment when Becca made it to the fantasy suite and then dropped the bomb that she still has her V-card.

ABC / Via


16. Or when Jade revealed she was in Playboy and made Chris look at the photos WHILE she was sitting right there.

*Loudly laughs to mask awkwardness of the situation.*

17. And finally, let's definitely not forget about the time when Chris tried (and failed) at rapping.

Actually, let's forget about that.

Chris Harrison, you really didn't let us down this year!

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