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19 Times Lee Lin Chin Was The Baddest Bitch Of 2015

Lee Lin Chin for Prime Minister, Lee Lin Chin for life.

1. When she served serious looks at the 2015 TV Week Logie Awards.

Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

2. Which totally inspired people for Halloween.

3. Which made her bring back the word groovy, and we weren't mad at it.

4. When she had some quality banter with other Aussie national treasures.

5. When she savagely shut down all fake people trying to be her.

6. When she informed everyone of what is on her rider.

7. And of what she's worth.

8. When she destroyed other celebrities Jimmy Kimmel-style.

9. Like when she decided to run the #LeeLinforLogieswin campaign alongside other nominees.

10. And completely dragged them all.

11. When she burned us all with her fire tweets.

12. And her general takes on life...

13. ... and on the smallest forms of life.

14. When she blessed us all with her political commentary.

15. And had us thinking about the greatest political squad goals of life.

16. When she called out Taylor Swift and her bad bitch squad.

17. When she offered herself to the Home and Away boys.

18. But cleared up her relationship status real quick.

19. And finally when she schooled Meng Fei on the only reason she's single.

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