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Best of Australia 2015

Best of Australia 2015

The 21 Most Batshit Insane Animals Of 2015

Yes, of course they're all Australian.

17 Problems That Made Life Hard For Australia In 2015

But seriously can we get Dollarydoos?

We Showed Non-Australians Aussie Things From 2015 And They Went "WTF?"

Don't worry world, we didn't get some of this shit either.

13 Of The Nicest Things That Happened In The Australian LGBT Community In 2015

LGBT Australians are still waiting for law reform in a number of areas – but some nice stuff happened along the way.

19 Times Lee Lin Chin Was The Baddest Bitch Of 2015

Lee Lin Chin for Prime Minister, Lee Lin Chin for life.

47 Times Australians Nailed It On Tumblr In 2015

"Fucksakes" - Ancient Australian proverb.

17 Things From 2015 Australians Are So Done With

Done, finished, goodbye, smell ya later, that's enough.

21 Times Aussie Men Made You So Damn Thirsty In 2015

From the nation that brought you the Hemsworths...

18 Milkshakes Australians Went Crazy For In 2015

Our milkshakes were better than yours.

23 Snacks That Sadly Never Returned In 2015

McCain, where the fuck are our Potato Smiles?

24 Breathtaking Australian Walks To Take In 2016

Get off on the right foot next year.

Don't Tell Anyone, But Our Female Athletes Did Heaps Better Than The Men In 2015

(Don't tell anyone, but they did better than the blokes)

32 Things You Forgot Happened In 2015

"Oh, yeah!" – You reading this post.

27 Things Every Aussie Said In 2015

"ANOTHER leadership spill?!"

27 Times Liam Hemsworth Totally Nailed Social Media In 2015

The year he started using social again and blessed us all.

24 Times Hamish Blake's Family Were The Goddamn Cutest In 2015

It doesn't get any cuter than Sonny Blake.

27 Fucking Huge Moments In Aussie Sport In 2015

Sport sport sport sport sport.

11 Weird Comments Australians Made About LGBT Issues In 2015

These comments made people laugh, cry, and shake their damn heads.

19 Animals Who Said "Fuck This" In 2015

"What the fuckedy fuck is this?"

22 Times Delta Goodrem Slayed The Fuck Out Of 2015

Queen Delta on her quest to continue slaying our lives.

19 Times Ruby Rose Absolutely Slayed The Year 2015

Queen of Litchfield. Queen of Australia. Queen of our hearts.

Which Australian Movie Was Your Fave In 2015?

Were you mad for Max? Or Did you think Kate Winslet was a yaasss-maker?

22 Times Bindi Irwin Completely Owned 2015

2015 will forever be known as the year of Bindi.

14 Times Waleed Aly Was The Only Person Making Sense In 2015

"I’m pretty sure that right now none of us wants to help these bastards."

19 Great Australian Books From 2015

From short stories to thrillers and true stories, 2015 was a pretty great year.

24 Times Chris Hemsworth Totally Nailed Social Media In 2015

Thank you to whichever management gods made him suddenly embrace Twitter and Instagram.

19 Nutella Dishes Australia Obsessed Over In 2015

We are a nation of Nutella fiends.

18 Australian Babies Who Were The Absolute Cutest In 2015

Seriously, try and find something more adorable than these tiny humans.

This Is What Australian TV Was Like In 2005 Vs 2015

Remember when Chris Hemsworth was on Home and Away 10 years ago?

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