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27 Times Liam Hemsworth Totally Nailed Social Media In 2015

The year he started using social again and blessed us all.

1. When he joined Instagram with this adorable shot and made us all jealous of a Muppet.

2. And then blessed us with this selfie.

3. When he suited up for the AFL with his big brother, Chris.

4. And retaliated against Chris's defacement of his Men's Health cover.

5. But also revealed that he's actually not-so-secretly really supportive of his brother.

Happy to be there and support.

6. When he defined #SquadGoals with this Hunger Games selfie.

7. And captioned this photo #bestmates.

8. Before sharing this beautiful, bittersweet moment.

9. When he tweeted this photo with Jeff Goldblum and it was everything you didn't know you needed.

10. When he uploaded this iconic shot with his rescue dog Tani.

11. And said it was "true love".

12. When he let Tani ~play~ with his brother's action figure.

13. When he adopted another rescue dog and shared this GIGANTICALLY awesome photo.

14. And then revealed Tani was getting on with Dora quite well.

15. When he made vegetarianism sexy AF.

16. When he used his platform for good.

Pls sign this petition to help stop insanely cruel, torture/slaughter of pigs:

17. And revealed his passion for Australia's native wildlife.

These little guys are being released to the wilds of @PhillipIslandNP thanks to @ZoosVictoria #fightingextinction

18. When he still managed to look hot dressed like this.

19. And this???

20. When he made this terrible, amazing dad joke.

21. When he showed he loved free swag as much as the rest of us.

22. When he shared his snaps from the Vegas wedding of his friend and fellow Aussie actor Mark Furze.

23. When he showed off his gorgeous mum, Leonie.

24. And took this epic family photo at The Dressmaker premiere.

25. When this happened and it was confusing but great all at once.

26. When he shared the love with his fans.

Thanks for the incredible energy on the carpet London fans! So great seeing you all. Lots of love. #MockingjayPart2

27. And when he posted this totally-casual-but-disgustingly-gorgeous shot.

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