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27 British Things That Confused The Hell Out Of Australians In 2015

Are the Scottish OK?

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1. OK, first thing's first. This guy and the pig incident. WTF?

Andrew Parsons / PA Archive/Press Association Images

2. Why does your coffee still suck?

I mean, you're not on America's levels at least.

3. What the fuck is a parmo though?

4. What even is Wetherspoons?

Ryan Broderick / BuzzFeed / Via

5. Can we have Nadiya from Great British Bake Off?

Love Productions / BBC

6. How many more random Harry Potter plot twists could J.K. Rowling possibly pull out?

Warner Bros. / Twitter / Via

7. How do you grow such hot Longbottoms?

8. Seriously, what's in your water over there?


9. Are you all super smug about the Cursed Child being in your country while the rest of the world complains?

10. How superior do you still feel about the Ashes?

We're receiving reports of Aussies in trouble...👮 #Ashes2015

11. What's happening in this episode of Downton Abbey?

Daniel Kalisz / Getty Images

12. Is it OK to pinch the royal cheeks?

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

13. So uh, what's with your newspaper headlines?

It's all kicking off in South Croydon.

14. Seriously though...?

It's all kicking off in Bexhill

15. Can you please explain this?

A man just walked past @romillyweeks with a dead squirrel live on ITV News


16. Do you really think this of us? 😔

Caters News / Mercury Press / Supplied

17. Are all your protests really this polite?

18. What... does this mean?

Dae u ever git that smell that u can only describe as 'ootside' like someone comes in the house from outside n ur like 'u smell of ootside'

19. Are the Scottish OK?

A boy at avicii telt me his dad died cos of MDMA and when the beat dropped he was proper crying his eyes out shoutin "ma dad died for this"

20. ??????

21. Are y'all still really into Neighbours and Home and Away?


Like, why??

22. How is there anyone left to murder in Midsomer?


Aren't they all dead or in jail by now??

23. Are 1D OK?

Frederic J. Brown / AFP / Getty Images


Kevin Winter / Getty Images

25. Can you bring this breathable alcohol bar to us?

26. We know tea is important to you and all, but isn't this a tad dangerous?

27. And you know this isn't a scorcher... right?

If you think today's a scorcher, you should see what's in store for tomorrow... Jo #heatwave

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