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17 Times Aussie Chef Adam Liaw Nailed It On Social Media In 2015

Follow, follow, follow.

1. When his Instagram was a delicious selection of mouth-watering food.

2. When his holiday shots were unbeatable.

3. And when his work locations were breathtaking.

4. When he made you want to be better a cook.

5. But also when he wasn't afraid to tweet out his hilarious takes on all kinds of food.

6. Like when he nailed fad diets.

7. And when he took the piss out of the "so hot right now" trends that came with them.

8. When he wasn't having any of this modern bullshit.

9. When his 2015 pop culture references were always on point.

10. And oh so relevant.

11. When his frustrations in life were EVERYONE's frustrations in life.

12. And when he was willing to call out the garbage people of the world.

13. When his Christmas wish list pretty much said what we all were thinking.

14. And when he was just like all of us.

15. When he took time out of the kitchen (and tweeting jokes) to support charity.

16. When he introduced us all to his adorable kid.

17. And when, despite being an excellent chef, he wasn't afraid to tackle simple Aussie fare.

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