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17 Things From 2015 Australians Are So Done With

Done, finished, goodbye, smell ya later, that's enough.

1. Salim Mehajer.

Facebook: salim.m.mehajer

The Auburn Deputy Mayor was in the news plenty in 2015. From his lavish, million-dollar wedding to that time he allegedly threatened the life of the father of one of the Sydney siege survivors. The dude really did it all.

2. The Bachelor's Blake Garvey.

Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images

He couldn't get it right in his first shot at fame with The Bachelor, instead swaying between contestants and pissing just about everybody off. Then he went on The Apprentice and was on the show for such a short amount of time most people won't remember he was on it.

3. Tony Abbott.


It was a long, long, year for poor old Tony. He began the year getting universally ridiculed on shows like >Last Week Tonight and then really didn't help his cause when he started biting into raw onions (with the skin on) all across the nation. To top it all off, Tony lost his job as Prime Minister of Australia and had to move his family out of Kirribilli House only 18 months after settling in. Now it looks like he’ll be staying in parliament for a while.

4. Mark Latham.

Mark Nolan / Getty Images

Latham had his Wizard of Oz experience mid-year when his not-so-secret Twitter account had the curtain pulled away from it to reveal his mean, horrible, comments towards female politicians, women in media, and survivors of domestic abuse. While Latham never really came out and admitted to it, it's almost a certainty the former Labor Party leader was behind the abuse. He then appeared on Channel 9's panel show, The Verdict, where he earned himself another platform to spurt out offensive, racist, and all-round bad opinions to the admittedly small viewership.

5. The Verdict.

Facebook: TheVerdict9

Poor Karl Stefanovic, you deserved so much more. After months of talk about Karl finally getting his own, more-newsy show, The Verdict was almost still-born onto the Australian public's television screens. Rather than looking to make good television, The Verdict ended up settling for a poor attempt at outrage porn, bringing on new panelists with controversial views each week (and Mark Latham every week!) Unfortunately, The Verdict ended its slow run as a story about what could have been.

6. Dawn Fraser.

William West / AFP / Getty Images

Dawn Fraser shot back into headlines after telling Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios he should "go back where his parents came from." Which isn't really a nice thing to say, is it Dawn?

7. Belle Gibson.

Channel 9

Gibson rose to prominence with a blog that chronicled her journey through cancer, citing a healthy lifestyle as one of the main reasons for her recovery. Unfortunately, it turned out Gibson didn't really have cancer, which is kind of a shitty thing to do.

8. The couple who say they'll get a divorce if same-sex marriage becomes legal in Australia.

Nick Jensen

You read correctly. Canberra couple Nick and Sarah Jensen were so against the idea of other (same-sex) people who loved each other getting married, they promised to get divorced if it ever happened. I bet they're real fun at parties.

9. Bronwyn Bishop.

Stefan Postles / Getty Images

The helicopter trip that stopped a nation, and also inspired a torrent of awful, repeated jokes both online and irl. The sooner Australia forgets this and never mentions it again, the better.

10. Milkshakes.


Honestly, Australia's had just about enough of this. A bit like Frankenstein's monster, a canberra cafe tried out their own monstrous milkshakes and unleashed them on the world, unaware that they would be a catalyst for a trend that would go on for way, way too long.

11. Politicians trying to use pop culture to be ~cool.~

Facebook: senator.sam.dastyari

Hey Sam Dastyari, please stop. It was funny the first time and now it's just getting annoying. That goes for you too, Clive Palmer - and the whole lot of you who tried to pretend like The Weeknd's "I Can't Feel My Face" was totally your jam

12. Joe Hockey.

Channel 9

Everyone’s favourite cigar-chomping, desk-dancing, underperforming-budget-developing Treasurer of Australia is now set to become our Ambassador to the United States. It seems no matter what happens to Hockey he always manages to roll the dice favourably.

13. Johnny Depp.

Giuseppe Cacace / AFP / Getty Images

The world's most overpaid actor hasn't had a hit film in almost a decade and now he's trying to ruin Australia's delicate environment with his dumb dogs.

14. Johnny Depp's dogs.

Facebook: happydogzmaudsland

Speaking of dumb dogs, Pistol and Boo have been in the headlines way too much this year, and, let's face it, will probably be in the news in 2016 as Amber Heard faces trial for their illegal importation into Australia. Oh well, at least they got a good haircut at the start of it all.

15. Mal Brough.

Stefan Postles / Getty Images

Literally who is this guy and why do all the nerds keep talking about him.

16. Pauline Hanson.

Patrick Riviere / Getty Images

Antiques are cool, unless those antiques are out-of-date views on the world. In 2015, Pauline Hanson must’ve seen Jurassic World and Star Wars making comebacks and thought “hell, I might give this a shot!”For pauline, that meant calling for a royal commission into Islam. At least her old fish & chip shop is now run by a family of Vietnamese refugees.

17. Reclaim Australia and The United Patriots Front.


G'day patriots.

These guys were everywhere in 2015 and it never seemed to go very well for them.

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