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Ruby Rose Is The Aussie With The Most-Liked Instagram Photo, To No One's Surprise

Queen Ruby slays again.

The eternally flawless Ruby Rose is officially the Australian with the most likes on a single Instagram photo in 2015.

Ruby gained 5.7 MILLION new followers this year, after appearing on Orange Is The New Black.

Here is the rest of the Top 10:

No. 2: Iggy Azalea with 515.5k likes

No. 3: Troye Sivan with 345.8k likes

No. 4: Miranda Kerr with 331.8k likes

No. 5: Kayla Itsines with 147.7k likes

No. 6: Lauren Curtis with 124.7k likes

No. 7: Chris Hemsworth with 113k likes

No. 8: Hugh Jackman with 103.9k likes

No. 9: Mich Fanning with 102.1k likes

No. 10: Nicole Warne with 95.7k likes

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