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16 Times Troye Sivan Slayed 2015 So Damn Hard

More like Troye Slay-van.

1. When he launched the Blue Neighbourhood video trilogy and it was amazing and completely heartbreaking.

Universal Music

2. When Taylor Swift called WILD her #EPgoals...


3. ...and she fangirled over it as much as the rest of us.

4. When Queen Adele gave a shout-out to his gigs.

Got sent this from Troye Sivan’s gig last night. It gave me chills ❤️

5. And later said she "burst into tears" when she saw it.

6. When he had flawlessly fab advice for coming out.

BuzzFeed/ David Bertozzi

Make sure to read the rest of his advice here.

7. When he killed it on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon...


8. ...and then got body-slammed by JOHN CENA.

#TroyeOnFallon ASgKhIigHoFrIdTiuGvDui

Luckily he bounced back pretty quick.

9. When he brought Selena and Justin back together with this BANGER mashup of "Hands to Myself" and "Sorry".

View this video on YouTube

10. When he photoshopped his own Kylie Jenner lip challenge and it was equal parts amazing and terrifying.

11. Also when he showed off his gargling skills with Tyler Oakley.

12. When Cara Delevingne upped his eyebrow game.

13. Also his entire Instagram feed is slick as hell.

Instagram: @troyesivan

That's nine separate uploads. There's no way I'd upload nine photos in the right order without accidentally having a shoulder where my face is supposed to go.

14. When his DEBUT ALBUM Blue Neighbourhood finally arrived and it was glorious.

15. When Blue Neighbourhood was absolutely mac-nificent.

This is made of entirely mac n cheese

(Was that joke too cheesy?)

16. And when it got RAVE REVIEWS.

Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images /

Because, duh.

Can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for our megastar.



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