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22 Batshit Insane Australian Stories From 2015

Sailor Goon, American flat whites, and the prime minister of Australia biting into an onion. It's been a hell of a year...

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1. The year started with Americans struggling to figure out what a flat white is.

Starbucks America announced it would begin serving the drink in January 2015 and everyone was a little confused. It was described as an Australian-style coffee, so New Zealanders even got involved, upset that something they claimed they invented had been taken from them by not one, but two countries.

2. This animal rights activist James Aspey spoke for the first time in twelve months in January, after travelling around Australia to spread his message.

Channel 7

Aspey got the idea after a 10-day meditation retreat where he did not speak a word. He maintained a blog throughout the year, however.

4. And a "rain bomb" dumped itself on to southern Queensland.

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8. Aussie dads started sharing photos of them changing their kid's nappies and calling them smelfies.


9. Oh, and then prime minister Tony Abbott ate an onion like a goddamn apple.

11. And then Cadbury confirmed that yes, it was very much a thing.

.@Cadbury + Vegemite. The most talked about flavour combination yet… is real! #ChocPlusWhat