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15 Times These Shit Hot Firefighters Crushed It In 2015

Smoking social media mates.

1. Newtown Fire Station in Sydney's inner west has been winning lots of hearts and minds this year.

2. If positive vibes beat fires, these guys would never leave the station.

3. When politics got ridiculous, they kept it real.

4. Reminding us that Newtown is green and full of hotties.

5. These firies definitely have a sense of humour.

6. They joined Facebook in February and came straight to the party.

7. Many of their signs involved a bit of innuendo.

8. But mostly straight to the point.

9. Like this important Mardi Gras warning.

10. Their advice for smokers was on point.

11. Though sometimes contradictory.

12. St Patrick's Day brought a terrible joke.

13. They were always quick to respond to breaking news.

14. And name-check a famous song.

15. Newtown Firies. Dead. Set. Legends.

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