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Do You Remember These Aussie Things That Happened In 2015?

Were you paying attention?

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  1. Which famous Australian siblings both joined Instagram this year?

    Instagram / Emojipedia
    The Veronicas
    Chris and Liam Hemsworth
    Karl and Peter Stefanovic

    Don't miss any of their pics by following them here: Chris Hemsworth and Liam Hemsworth

    Via Getty Images / Robyn Beck
  2. What were the names of the dogs that Johnny Depp illegally brought into Australia?

    Toshifumi Kitamura / Getty Images
    Ed and Eddie
    Pistol and Boo
    Tiger and Moon

    Here's hoping Australian MP Barnaby Joyce never gets his hands on these pooches.

    Via / Supplied
  3. Who is this guy?

    Facebook: petshavenfoundation
    A Home & Away actor adopting a dog.
    The Prime Minister's son adopting a dog.
    A random hottie that the internet lost its mind over.

    When Melbourne’s Pet’s Haven Animal Shelter had an adoption day, little Raffa was adopted by Ben and well, the internet fell in love.

    Via Facebook: petshavenfoundation
  4. Who won the AFL Grand Final?

    Hawthorn Hawks.
    Adelaide Crows.
    West Coast Eagles.

    The Hawks beat West Coast to win the 2015 Grand Final by 46 points and in 2016 they'll be going for four in a row.

    Via AFL
  5. Where was Mick Fanning attacked by a shark?

    Supplied / PR IMAGE
    South Africa.
    South Australia.
    South Florida.

    This terrifying moment from a South African surf competition was broadcast live on a webcast. Fortunately, for Mick, it had a happy ending.

    Via Supplied / PR IMAGE
  6. Which Aussie team won The Ashes in 2015?

    Getty Images / Gareth Copley

    Our ladies conquered the Brits on foreign soil while the boys couldn't get it done, going down 3-2 in the series.

    Via Getty Images / Julian Finney
  7. Why did this make a comeback in 2015?

    Thomas Probst
    An Aussie started an online petition to change the Australian currency to Dollarydoos.
    The Royal Australian Mint sent out an April Fool's Joke.
    FOX released a commemorative drawing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of "The Simpsons" episode set in Australia.

    While the Aussie episode of The Simpsons did celebrate its 20th anniversary, Thomas Probst petitioned the Australian government to change our official currency to Dollarydoos.

  8. Who won Album of the Year at the 2015 Aria Awards?

    Vance Joy - "Dream Your Life Away"
    Courtney Barnett - "Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit"
    Tame Impala - "Currents"

    The Perth boys from Tame Impala had a pretty bloody good time at the Arias taking away Album of the Year and Best Rock Album.

    Via Modular
  9. Who said this?

    Michelle Payne (jockey), after becoming the first woman to ride a winning horse at the Melbourne Cup.
    Miranda Tapsell (actor), during her speech after winner of the Graham Kennedy Award For Most Outstanding Newcomer at the 2015 Logie Awards.
    Caitlin Stasey (actor), after launching her website aimed at empowering women.

    When she addressed the media, Payne stated in no uncertain terms that she thought the racing industry needed a shake-up citing her experiences with sexism.

    Via Scott Barbour / Getty Images
  10. What was this trend called in 2015?

    Patissez / Facebook
    Milk Monsters.
    Loaded Milkshakes.

    2015 was the year of fucked-up food creations and "Freakshakes" seemed like the perfect label for these inventions from Canberra café, Pâtissez.

    Via Facebook:
  11. What is going on in this photo?

    Twitter: @joalabaster
    A bizarre Western Australian tradition of leaving onions on the front doorstep for good luck became a viral sensation.
    Onion growers left bags of onions on their doorsteps in support of industrial action after widespread wage cuts.
    Twitter users put onions out after Tony Abbott was ousted as prime minister.

    Using the hashtag #PutOutYourOnions, Aussies started leaving onions on their front door in "support" of Tony Abbott who had a habit of eating raw onions.

  12. What did Kim Sears (Andy Murray's wife) wear on her jumper at the Australian Open?

    Julian Smith / AAPIMAGE
    Parental Advisory Explicit Content.
    The eggplant emoji.
    Free The Refugees.

    During a previous game, Sears was caught on camera shouting expletives. Clearly she has a sense of humour.

    Via Julian Smith / AAPIMAGE
  13. What made Prince Charles react like this?

    Daniel Kalisz / Getty Images
    The Duchess of Cornwall holding a knife.
    A child throwing a tantrum in front of security.
    A cow urinating on its handler.

    Who knows what the Duchess of Cornwall was thinking, but the people of Barossa Valley in South Australia were treated to an incredible photo op.

    Via Daniel Kalisz / Getty Images
  14. What happened before this photo at the A League Grand Final?

    Robert Prezioso / Getty Images
    Frank Lowy refused to present the winners trophy to Melbourne Victory.
    Frank Lowy tripped up the stairs of the winners podium.
    Frank Lowy fell off the stage while presenting the winners trophy.

    Westfield Corporation and Football Federation of Australia chairman Frank Lowy took a nasty tumble as he handed the winners trophy to Melbourne Victory manager Kevin Muscat. While he needed surgery following the fall, he made a full recovery.

    Via Robert Cianflone / Getty Images
  15. Which lollies did Allen's discontinue in 2015?

    Facebook / Allen's
    Chico Babies and Strawberries and Cream.
    Spearmint Leaves and Green Frogs.
    Blue Snakes and Pineapples.

    It was a bad year for green lolly lovers with spearmint leaves and green frogs getting the axe. Sad face.

    Via Allen's
  16. Which Aussie celeb became a mum to this adorable child in 2015?

    Zoe Foster Blake.
    Carrie Bickmore.
    Sonia Kruger.

    Carrie's Instagram game got incredibly cuter with the arrival of her daughter Evie.

  17. Who are these people?

    Nick Jensen
    A couple who invented the cronut and wanted to trademark the intellectual rights to the pastry.
    A couple who said they'd get divorced if marriage equality became legal.
    A couple who won Australia's biggest ever lottery prize.

    Canberra couple, Nick Jensen and his wife Sarah, told BuzzFeed News they would get divorced if Australia passed laws in favour of marriage equality.

    Via CityNews
  18. What are these ladies doing?

    Flashing Malcolm Turnbull's Sydney home.
    Celebrating the end of university.
    Freeing the nipple.

    For some reason, Australia's youth began referring to prime minister Malcolm Turnbull as "daddy" and then it all got a little out of control... because 'Straya.

    Via Facebook / Mark Di Stefano
  19. What did this wombat get up to in 2015?

    He broke the marsupial weight record.
    He recovered from a nasty car accident.
    He joined Tinder on his birthday.

    Patrick, the Victorian wombat, joined Tinder on his 30th birthday to find love. Nawwww.

    Via Supplied
  20. Which reality show had the highest ratings for its season finale?

    Network Ten / Nine Network
    The Bachelorette
    The Voice
    The Block

    While The Bachelorette was mega successful (1.52 million) and The Voice kept on keeping on (1.55 million), The Block's eleventh season finale came out on top (1.8 million).

    While The Bachelorette was mega successful (1.52 million) and The Voice kept on keeping on (1.55 million), The Block's eleventh season finale came out on top (1.8 million).
    Via Nine Network

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