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Posted on 6 Dec 2015

21 Times Hugh Jackman's Instagram Was Peak Dad In 2015

"If I do say myself, I'm getting rather good at the selfie."

1. When he shared this photo with a completely unrelated caption.

2. When he took the most dad selfie of all time.

3. And then accompanied this two-handed selfie with the caption "I'm getting rather good at the selfie".

4. Or that time he took a dentist chair selfie.

5. When this was his cheat day meal.

6. When he tried to eat a scallop without getting anything on his shirt.

7. When he did the Ice Bucket Challenge a year late.

8. And when he dressed up as a glowing Mario for Halloween.

9. When he hashtagged his workout photos with "Wolfpack v. Dogpound".

10. When he sang along to Katy Perry in his car.

11. And then sang Bacon Pancakes.

12. When The Rock instagrammed a video saying he's tougher than Hugh Jackman, so Hugh screenshotted and reposted it with barely any context.

13. When he shared his hobbies.

14. When he took an "AntiSelfie"?

15. This caption...

16. ...and this one??

17. What??!!?!??

18. When this was the photo from his birthday that he chose to share.

19. When he shared this impersonation of Alan Rickman in "Die Hard" although it's actually a line from "Harry Potter"...?

20. When he showed off his wife's parallel parking efforts.

21. And when he took a photo of an Oreo milkshake and watermarked it "All Rights Reserved Hugh Jackman".

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