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17 Problems That Made Life Hard For Australia In 2015

But seriously can we get Dollarydoos?

1. Weak AF currency.

FOX / Via

2. The ~joys~ of budget airline travel.

Facebook / 9 News / Via

3. Clueless Americans.

Outback Steakhouse / Via

4. Things getting lost in translation.

Reddit / Via

5. Desperate times calling for desperate measures.

Australian Reptile Park / Via

6. Uber drivers that aren't what you expect.

9 News

7. Wildlife that is more ripped than you.

8. Days where you're just like FML.

Michael Hughes / Via

9. Having to take public transport.

Imgur / Via

10. These blokes running the country.

11. And embarrassing even primary school kids.

Reddit / Via

12. Your childhood being ruined forever.

Imgur / ABC / Via

13. Constantly being ripped off.

Imgur / Via

14. Like, seriously ripped off.

Imgur / Via

15. To the point where you can't even go to the movies.

Imgur / Via

16. Batshit insane weather.

Imgur / Via

17. And flying dildos.

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