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22 Times Bindi Irwin Completely Owned 2015

2015 will forever be known as the year of Bindi.

1. When she owned the red carpet by looking adorable in floral.

Tibrina Hobson / Getty Images

2. When she tried iced chai tea for the first time and said it tasted like "angels have just cried into it".

3. When she joined the cast of Dancing With The Stars and burst onto the scene in khaki and green tassels.


"Yes world, I have ARRIVED".

4. But her moves didn't end there because she continued to dominate EVERYTHING.


5. Like when she nailed the Dirty Dancing lift.


6. And flawlessly slid into your life like it was nbd.


7. Oh and how about when she just casually scored 10s every damn week???


8. Bindi was literally so perfect that she won the whole show because DUH.

9. She also looked elegant AF during the show finale.

Angela Weiss / Via Getty Images

Black satin and jewels, yaaass girl.

10. When she started Hat Time with Bindi and you had no idea what was going on but it was great.

Hello. And welcome to Hat Time. With your hosts Bindi and @derekhough #HappyHalloweenHats

11. When she turned 17 and all she wanted to do was hug a tortoise.

12. When she looked ridiculously adorable with her boo.

13. When she was a great big sister.

Happy birthday to the greatest brother on earth. Being a big sister is the best job of all. I love you, Robert.

14. When she continued to remember and honour her late father, Steve Irwin.

15. She even dedicated an incredibly touching dance to her dad on Dancing With The Stars...


16. ...and opened up about his death in a moving, honest way.


17. When she continued her efforts as a Wildlife Warrior by supporting animal conservation.

18. And when she just loved animals in general.

19. When she appeared on Ellen for the first time since she was nine years old.

Youtube / Via

20. When she was always inspiring us on Twitter.

21. When she looked stunning on the AACTA Awards red carpet.

Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images

22. And when she was just Bindi, the lovable, bubbly girl we've always known.

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