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We Rated 16 Of 2015's Celebrity Thirst Traps

Did you fall for any traps this year?

The Most Delicious Celebrity Twitter Beefs Of 2015

There was some Grade A beef this year.

26 Times Chris Pratt Ruined Men For You In 2015

What did we do to deserve him?

20 Celebrities Who Made A Difference In 2015

Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, and Beyoncé top the list.

Were You More Harry Styles Or Justin Bieber In 2015?

You probably killed it this year.

29 Celebrity Weddings That Happened In 2015

The year in celebrity marriages.

What Will 2016 Look Like For Your Favorite Celebs?

Two astrologers predict the future for Drake, Kanye, Justin Bieber and more.

31 Celebrity Babies We Said Hello To In 2015

The year in celebrity spawn.

19 Times Lee Lin Chin Was The Baddest Bitch Of 2015

Lee Lin Chin for Prime Minister, Lee Lin Chin for life.

23 Celebrity Couples We Loved And Lost In 2015

The year in Hollywood breakups.

59 Times Celebrities Made You Go "WTF" In 2015

Oh what a year. WHAT A YEAR.

21 Times Aussie Men Made You So Damn Thirsty In 2015

From the nation that brought you the Hemsworths...

The 12 Sassiest Anderson Cooper Comebacks Of 2015

Don't you ever fuck with Anderson Cooper on Twitter. EVER!!!

34 Times Ed Sheeran Ruled The World In 2015

He definitely had the best year ever.

The 23 Deepest Zayn Malik Tweets Of 2015

"Fuck these aliens got it bad."

The 21 Best Mindy Kaling Tweets Of 2015

"Favorites = side piece, RTs = main bitch."

31 British Men Who Just Wanted You To Love Them In 2015

*drinks litre of tea to quench thirst*

13 Reasons Why Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour Was The Best Part Of 2015

We, are never, ever, ever, getting over this tour

24 Times Hamish Blake's Family Were The Goddamn Cutest In 2015

It doesn't get any cuter than Sonny Blake.

We Know Which 2015 Celebrity Split You Are Based On One Question

♫ I'm in California dreaming about who we used to be ♫

How Pitbull Conquered Facebook In 2015

2015 was Pitbull's year, especially on social media. Daleee!

Proof That National Treasure Shia LaBeouf Transcended In 2015

And we haven't even reached peak Shia.

29 Times Shay Mitchell's Instagram Slayed In 2015

The most glamorous, well-traveled woman on instagram.

17 Reasons Mariah Carey Had An Incredible 2015

It's Mimi's world and we're all just livin' in it.

22 Times Delta Goodrem Slayed The Fuck Out Of 2015

Queen Delta on her quest to continue slaying our lives.

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