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17 Reasons Mariah Carey Had An Incredible 2015

It's Mimi's world and we're all just livin' in it.

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1. Mariah Carey officially celebrated 25 years of being in the music business this year.

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Which is incredible, especially when you consider that her debut album dropped in 1990 and almost none of her contemporaries are still making music.

3. Also, this iconic Vine now exists because of Mariah.

8. Most people know that Mariah is a songwriter, but did you know she writes books too? The diva released her first children's book this year.

Mariah Carey / Via

It's titled All I Want For Christmas Is You. Yep, the same as her popular Christmas song.


9. Mimi replaced model Kate Upton as the face of the Game of War: Fire Age heroine that you see in countless ads.

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17. And finally, she reminded us that although bad performances happen, true pros can always bounce back and sound amazing:

*checks into the hospital with 'severe flu'* *emerges like a phoenix to perform flawlessly three days later* 🐸☕️