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Best of Music 2015

Best of Music 2015

39 Amazing Pop Songs You May Have Missed In 2015

A bunch of grade-A pop music that didn't get enough love last year, listed alphabetically by artist.

Which 2015 Pop Hit Are You Based On Your Star Sign?

Hello, is it too late now to say that we're cool for the summer?

23 Of The Most Swoonworthy Love Songs From 2015

All of the love songs we loved this year.

The Most Delicious Celebrity Twitter Beefs Of 2015

There was some Grade A beef this year.

31 R&B Songs From 2015 You Need In Your Life

Janet and Janelle and Erykah, oh my.

Were You More Harry Styles Or Justin Bieber In 2015?

You probably killed it this year.

18 Covers That Were Arguably Better Than The Original Songs In 2015

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Listed in no particular order.

16 Times Adele Snatched Everyone’s Wig In 2015

A year in very, very large numbers.

18 Of The Most Cringeworthy Lyrics From 2015

Pour the drinks, bring the noise — it's time to recap the cringiest lyrics of the year!

Can You Identify The 2015 Music Video By Its YouTube Comment?

Like this comment if you're watching in December.

16 Times Taylor Swift Was Right About Everything In 2015

"There's no way to travel two roads at once."

21 Great Books About Music From 2015

You’re in for some great reading, whether you want to explore the history of hip-hop and EDM, learn about how music piracy exploded in the '00s, or read memoirs by female rock legends.

What Makes Carly Rae Jepsen A Pop Star?

The 30-year-old Canadian singer and songwriter behind one of the decade’s biggest hits made 2015’s best pure pop album. There was only one problem: Nobody bought it. Why she’s the perfect embodiment of our weird music moment.

How Many Of 2015's Top-Selling Singles Can You Hum?

We're not going to check to make sure you're on key or anything.

12 Best Hymn Covers Of 2015

How sweet the sound.

Do You Recognize These 2015 Chart Toppers?

All of these artists had hit songs this year, I promise.

17 Reasons Mariah Carey Had An Incredible 2015

It's Mimi's world and we're all just livin' in it.

21 Of The Most Swoonworthy Lyrics From 2015

All of the lyrics that made your heart flutter this year.

11 Of The Most Nonsensical Lyrics From 2015

You've been singing a bunch of gibberish.

How Much Of A Rap Fan Were You In 2015?

Did you even listen to rap bro?

32 Times Lady Gaga Had The Best Damn Year In 2015


17 Popular Song Lyrics Everyone Misheard In 2015

"This is my fight song, take back my lysol."

25 Surprising Facts About 2015’s Biggest Hits

Bet you didn't know Wilson Phillips sang on "FourFiveSeconds."

13 Lyrics That Made Us Cry In 2015

They say that music's supposed to heal ya, but we ain't done much healing.

Which 2015 Pop Hit Are You?

Time to sort the cheerleaders from the trap queens.

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