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21 Great Books About Music From 2015

You’re in for some great reading, whether you want to explore the history of hip-hop and EDM, learn about how music piracy exploded in the '00s, or read memoirs by female rock legends.

1. How Music Got Free by Stephen Witt

2. Real Life Rock by Greil Marcus

3. The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic by Jessica Hopper

4. Schubert's Winter Journey: Anatomy of an Obsession by Ian Bostridge

5. The Rap Year Book by Shea Serrano and Arturo Torres

6. Here She Comes Now: Women in Music Who Have Changed Our Lives, edited by Jeff Gordinier and Marc Weingarten

7. Freedom of Choice by Evie Nagy

8. The Underground Is Massive by Michaelangelo Matos

9. The Birth of Rock and Roll by Jim Linderman

10. Girl in a Band by Kim Gordon

11. MJ: The Genius of Michael Jackson by Steve Knopper

12. Ola Belle Reed and Southern Mountain Music on the Mason-Dixon Line

13. Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein

14. The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory by John Seabrook

15. Back to the Fifties by Michael D. Dwyer

16. I'll Never Write My Memoirs by Grace Jones

17. Censorship Now!! by Ian F. Svenonius

18. Good Night and Good Riddance by David Cavanagh

19. Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink by Elvis Costello

20. Dylan Goes Electric! by Elijah Wald

21. Selling Digital Music, Formatting Culture by Jeremy Wade Morris

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