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25 Music Videos We Watched Over And Over Again In 2015

In no particular order.

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1. Rihanna - "Bitch Better Have My Money"

It's hard to pinpoint what exactly makes this video so good. Is it Rihanna and her henchwomen, Mads Mikkelsen as the accountant, or the story of revenge? Idk, but it is the perfect video to send to that one friend who borrowed money from you all year and never paid you back.


13. Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar - "Bad Blood"

The release of "Bad Blood" was really an event with images of Taylor's squad as assassins being dropped days before. It was the videos biggest draw -- aside from speculation on who the song was about -- and it was pretty cool to see it all come together.

15. A$AP Rocky ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel, and Mark Ronson - "Everyday"

"Everday" follows an unrecognizable older A$AP Rocky who's fallen from grace and pines for days gone by. It's kind of a cautionary tale of excess, vanity, and the fear of what can happen if you let fame destroy you.


19. Vince Staples - "Señorita"

The apocalypse is in progress, a man leads his followers down a road as they drop dead one by one, and everyone else is just trying to go on as normal. There's a lot to be said about the video for "Señorita,'' but the twist at the end is the real kicker.


22. Naughty Boy feat. Beyoncé, Arrow Benjamin - "Runnin'"

When I think of what lies beneath the ocean it's usually terrifying and disgusting -- ocean creatures are insane! But underneath the waves of "Runnin'" two people find each other and love while floating in the sea.