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21 Times Zac Efron Made Your Damn Jaw Drop In 2015

Pretty much any time he breathed, moved, talked, walked, etc.

1. When he seductively danced to the Macarena while wearing nothing but some baby pink boxer briefs and a stuffed hornet.

2. And then showed off his LITERALLY INSANE rock hard bod that rivals that of a damn Greek god.

3. When he smirked so sweetly.

4. When he leaned against a wall, delicately drinking a soda and increasing your level of thirst by 100.

5. When his selfie face made every limb in your body go weak.

6. When he shined like a damn beacon of light on the set of Neighbors 2.

7. When he sweetly cuddled this little pup and simultaneously made your heart explode.

8. When we were blessed enough to witness this slow-motion, fully-flexed golf swing.

9. When his muscles were literally about to explode out of his damn biceps.

10. When he casually chilled on the couch in this perfectly tailored suit.



13. When he showed off his guns in the middle of a river and you never wanted to go swimming more in your whole life.

14. When he gazed off into the city skyline, just thinking about his future life with you and him together.

15. When he took over Snapchat on set and suddenly gave you a craving for cucumbers.

16. And you never wanted to crawl up into a hoodie more in your life.

17. When he looked like a fucking real-life version of a Ken doll.

18. When he made you realize that you're now in love with not only one, but TWO Efrons.

19. When he seductively combed his hand through his head of hella good hair.

20. When his thumbs up was sexy AF.

21. And when the sun set so perfectly on his beautifully sculpted 18-pack of abs.

Thank you, Zefron. It has truly been a blessed year.

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