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Posted on Dec 17, 2015

24 Iconic Moments From Craig David's Instagram In 2015


1. This is Craig David. He's the kind of guy who meets a girl on Monday, takes her for a drink on Tuesday, makes love to her from Wednesday to Saturday, and chills on Sunday.

2. You may already be aware that Craig's Instagram is the best place on the Internet.

3. But you should also know that he really upped his game in 2015.

4. In 2015, Craig David's Instagram was a place you could turn to in times of darkness. One time, for example, he posted this picture of a floor with the caption, "Shine bright".

5. Another time he posted a picture of a white rose, with these poignant words: "Flowering of Consciousness". It was a true @->->-- moment.

6. And then there was the time he said: "Life is simply 1 choice made in 1 moment right Now! Infinite possibilities."

7. Of course he spent some time #eatingcleantrainingdirty.

8. In fact, he's changed his schedule to accommodate maintaining a buff physique. This picture was captioned: "And you thought it was only about making love on Wednesdays. Nah, leg day Wednesday."

9. And he spent a lot of time taking selfies in his car.

Like, more time than you would expect.

10. But mainly, 2015 was a year in which Craig gave thanks. One time, he posted a picture of these flowers and thanked the world for his sight: "Grateful to just be able to see these beautiful flowers."

11. Another time he told us that "by looking in we are able to see clearly out." Which is true.

12. And then there was the time he Photoshopped three small pictures of himself onto a larger picture of himself, using the blur function.

13. In 2015, Craig Instagramed the word "love" a lot.

He always used a different font.

And he never gave any context. But maybe the fact that there was no context is the context. Maybe he's telling us that love, and love alone, is all you really need.

14. At times, 2015 Craig was cryptic. On one occasion he posted this image with the caption, "Above mind. Pure intuitive vibes". I don't really know what that means, but I know that I agree.

15. Because how could you not agree with a man who Photoshops his own face onto a fjord of some kind?

16. How could you not respect a man who layers images this professionally?

17. How could you not love a man who is always, always watching over you?

18. In 2015, we learned that Craig David is not opposed to a Heathrow terminal 5 liaison. Mrswonderwoman30, for example, commented on this post saying, "I always miss you when u come through terminal 5... 🙈🙈 nxt time let me know lol 😘 x"

19. He taught us about "the beauty of synchronicity" with this picture of a rainbow and some road.

20. And he encouraged us to "Obeserve Influence Change Grow" with this picture of an eye in a swirl of clouds.

21. And most of all, he stayed true to his brand. He lived in the now. And for that we must commend him.

"Do you have the time, Craig?" "Now".

"But I'm worried I'm running late, Craig." "Look, I've told you. It's now."

22. "Just ask my friends."

23. "Just ask Big Ben."

24. Craig, be mine.

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