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29 Times Shay Mitchell's Instagram Slayed In 2015

The most glamorous, well-traveled woman on instagram.

Last year we crowned Shay Mitchell the The Most Glamorous Woman On Instagram in 2014.

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And this year was no different.

Shay Mitchell / Instagram: @shaym

Here are all the times we wished we were alongside Shay's travels in 2015.

1. When she hung out with gorillas.

2. When she went to the beach with her pup.

Shay Mitchell / Instagram: @shaym

3. When she posed with a giraffe in Kenya.

4. (And also ate lunch with one.)

5. When she held snakes and we got a little bit frightened.

6. When she went to Bali and we didn't even need to see anything besides a tree.

7. When she made us all want to go outside and stand under the flowers.

8. When she posed for a photo in a shard of mirror and still looked flawless.

9. When she made us want to be the leaves in this photo.

Shay Mitchell / Instagram: @shaym

10. When she stared out at the sea at sunset.

11. When we wanted to be swimming with her in Morocco.

Shay Mitchell / Instagram: @shaym

12. When she was a goddess standing among greens.

13. When she become a monkey whisperer for the day.

14. When we wanted to buy our own hanging seat.

15. When she looked so blissfully at peace it almost put us to sleep.

Shay Mitchell / Instagram: @shaym

16. When she stood in front of construction on New York city and made it look glorious.

17. When she went to India and gave the locals quite a show.

18. When words couldn't even describe.

19. When she made us say, "Hmm, I guess I could use a vacation..."

Shay Mitchell / Instagram: @shaym

20. When we really, REALLY wanted to come away with her.

21. Whether she's at the beach...

22. the desert...

23. ...New York City...

24. ...Hong Kong...

25. ...The Hamptons...

26. ...standing on front of a wall...

27. ...or even ~just chilling~ in the comfort of her own home...

28. Shay Mitchell is perfection.

Shay Mitchell / Instagram: @shaym

29. (Even when she's all worn out from her travels.)

Shay Mitchell / Instagram: @shaym

Here's to 2016 — and all of the Shay Mitchell Instagram perfection we have to look forward to! ✨

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