Here’s The Top Ten Most Liked Instagram Posts Of 2015

Killing it in 2k15.

1. ICYMI, this photo of Kendall Jenner lying down with heart-shaped hair is now officially the most liked photo on Instagram in 2015.

2. When Kendall, who has 42.6 million followers, posted it back in June, she took over the record from her half-sister Kim Kardashian for the most liked Instagram post of all time.

As of 2 December 2015 the image had 3.2 million likes.

3. Here are the rest of the top ten…

4. No. 2: 2.6 million likes

5. No. 3: 2.5 million likes

6. No. 4: 2.4 million likes

7. No. 5: 2.3 million likes

8. No. 6: 2.3 million likes

9. No. 7: 2.3 million likes

10. No. 8: 2.3 million likes

11. No. 9: 2.2 million likes

12. No. 10: 2.2 million likes

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Kimberley Dadds is the UK celebrity editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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