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Posted on Dec 13, 2015

33 Times Lady Gaga Proved She's Just Like Us In 2015

Just. Like. Us.

1. When she took selfies to put off doing housework.

2. When she washed her hair all by herself.

3. When she baked ziti and got a great 'gram out of it.

4. And when she was really happy that her food didn't burn.

5. When she pretended to cut with her eyes closed...

6. And concentrated really hard to nail those raviolis.

7. When she took selfies with her babies...

8. And couldn't stop sharing snaps of them.

9. Seriously, every parent understands.

10. When she dressed them up for Halloween...

11. And made sure she caught every share-worthy moment.

12. Oh, that motherly love!

13. When she kept up with the news...

14. And made sure everyone knew she did.

15. When she posted a selfie with her bae and cut a third of his head off.

16. When she took car selfies.

17. We all do it.

18. Don't even pretend you don't.

19. When she understood the appeal of not picking up...

20. And the pain of taking out the trash.

21. When she put her feet up on the dashboard.

22. And when she nailed the lazy Sunday essentials.

23. When she understood the struggle of taking off your makeup.

24. Like, REALLY understood it.

25. When she tried the Kylie Jenner lip challenge.

26. And when she understood the norm of taking mask selfies.

27. When she took selfies with friends without them knowing...

28. And posted pics of mom without her approval.

29. When she and her squad got wasted on a bachelorette party...

30. But had to deal with the mess the morning after.

31. When she was really into gardening.

32. And when she was really happy with the results.

33. You go, kween! Stay one of us!

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