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13 Reasons Why Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour Was The Best Part Of 2015

We, are never, ever, ever, getting over this tour

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1. We were blessed with an insane amount of guest star performances from your favorite musicians.

Your favorite non-Taylor song + Taylor = PER 👏 FEC 👏 TION.

2. We got these hella cool light up bracelets that made the whole stadium come alive.

The light-up wrist bands synced to the music was the best part of #1989worldtour #trouble

3. It provided the chance to have your GREATEST DREAM COME TRUE and meet Taylor at Loft '89.

And even if you weren't the Chosen One, you were still incredibly happy for everyone else who had their dream come true.

4. Taylor was at PEAK HAPPY, which means you were also really damn happy.

This has been said before, but one of my favorite parts of the 1989 world tour is how happy Taylor looked 💜


5. We got to see thousands upon thousands of the most creative Taylor-inspired outfits you could ever imagine.

our costume comparisons for the #1989worldtour! @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 section 213! cant wait to #shakeitoff

6. It was essentially like free therapy.

@taylornation13 the clean speech has to be my favorite #1989WorldTour

7. We got to see a few rare, blessed performances of your favorite throwback Taylor jams.

My favorite part of the show was Fifteen. It's always been my dream to hear it live and I loved it #1989WorldTour



9. We got to experience the TAYLOR CATWALK STRUT (featuring many special, special guests).

Instagram: @kristinshayharris

10. It brought us new dazzling, sassy tour costumes that we all wished were a part of our closets.

11. We finally got the opportunity to meet the legendary Taylor Nation IRL.


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