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25 Life-Changing Things Chrissy Teigen Instagrammed In 2015

She is truly a gift to us all.

1. When she was real AF.

2. When she was like, sharing is caring, and gave us this glorious gift.

3. When she understood that for some (all) treats, calories don't count.

4. When she celebrated her new body. ❤️

5. When she got creative with her workout attire.

6. When she blessed us all with Chrissy Fieri.

7. When she showed off her impeccable interior design taste.

8. When she tried her hand at being a meteorologist.

9. When she knew when to take advantage of a good photo opp.

10. When she was finally ready to live out her baking dreams.

11. And then called out Easy Bake Oven for trying to ruin our lives.

12. When she was a shining example of the true way we all eat.

13. When she shared her most prized possession.

14. When she revealed the secret to a happy marriage.

15. When she was kind enough to share her fast food secrets.

16. When she proudly celebrated every single bruise and stretch mark.

17. When her burrito game was strong AF.

18. When she and John had PEAK DATE NIGHT.

19. When she celebrated their incredible accomplishments.

20. When cheese made her emotional.

21. And pie brought her to tears.

22. When she blessed us with this photo of her pups climbing up the stairs for their plane ride.

23. When she chowed down on this burger in the middle of a fancy party giving zero fucks.

24. When she exposed the truth of our camera rolls.

25. And finally, when she understood that sometimes you need, two, three, or five dinners.

Thank you, Chrissy. Here's to another year of being Insta-blessed.

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