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Posted on Dec 7, 2015

28 Times Benedict Cumberbatch Proved He's An Awesome Human In 2015

The year got Cumberbatched.

2015 has been quite a year for Benedict Cumberbatch.

1. Not only did he get married to Sophie Hunter.

Fred Duval / Getty Images

2. On VALENTINE'S DAY of all days.

Getty Images Tristan Fewings

3. But 2015 also became the year Benedict became a father. These were the emotions we all felt when he announced the happy news.

4. And then our hearts almost exploded when he welcomed a baby boy into the world in June.


His rep told BuzzFeed at the time: "Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter are delighted to announce the arrival of their beautiful son."

5. But he also ruled when he had this perfect reaction to a mean tweet about himself.

ABC / Via
ABC / Via

6. Even though he occasionally forgot that he was actually married.

ITV / Good Morning Britain / Via
ITV / Good Morning Britain / Via

7. It was the year he showed just how in love he is.

Ian West / PA WIRE
Getty Images

8. At every event and awards show.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images
Christopher Polk / Getty Images

9. But particularly at the 2015 Oscars.

It's just too much.

10. And each and every time he showed what a caring husband he is.


11. Seriously.

But then they had only been married a few days at this point. *Sigh*.

12. Nothing proves how much his year rocked more than this.

13. Even at London Fashion Week he couldn't keep his hands off her.

Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

14. But that's not all. It's the year we discovered what he looks like minus eyebrows.

Paramount Pictures

In the Zoolander 2 trailer.

15. And the year he toyed with our emotions with more and more Sherlock teasers.

Robert Viglasky / BBC/Hartswood/Robert Viglasky

16. Which means 2016 is already going to be the best year yet when we finally get to see it on New Year's Day.


17. This year Benedict even received a CBE from the goddamn Queen of England.

Yui Mok / PA WIRE
Yui Mok / PA WIRE

18. And it was the year he was turned into a life-sized chocolate bar.

Rex Shutterstock / REX Shutterstock

Life goals complete.

19. The year he brought back the Cumberbomb at the Golden Globes.


20. The year he looked this damn amazing at Wimbledon.

Dominic Lipinski / PA WIRE

21. And this damn amazing in glasses.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

22. And the year he killed it playing Hamlet.

Barbican Theatre

No pun intended.

23. When he gave this perfect speech begging fans to stop recording him on stage.

24. And used it as an opportunity to ask the audience for donations to help the Syrian crisis.

Tristan Fewings / Getty Images

Like so.

View this video on YouTube

25. But let's not forget that this very important moment also happened.

BBC / Via

He pretended to be an otter on The Graham Norton Show.

BBC / Via

And it was quite simply beautiful.

BBC / Via

26. Particularly this imitation.

BBC / Via

27. And most definitely this one.

BBC / Via

28. Thank you for being you, Benedict. May we see plenty more in 2016.


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