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Best of UK 2015

Best of UK 2015

25 Times Ed Miliband Blessed Us In 2015

Oh Ed, how we miss you.

Here Are The 10 Most Popular 2015 Newspaper Front Pages

The BBC's Nick Sutton and Neil Henderson tweet the front pages of every newspaper every day of the year with the hashtag #tomorrowspaperstoday. Here are their most retweeted front pages this year. (Warning: this post contains upsetting images.)

The Hardest 2015 Football Quiz You'll Take This Year

How good is your (recent) memory?

16 Times Britain Confused The Hell Out Of Rest Of The World In 2015

"Why do British people play baseball on horses?"

59 Times Celebrities Made You Go "WTF" In 2015

Oh what a year. WHAT A YEAR.

18 Places You Must Travel In 2016

Bucket list sorted.

18 British TV Shows That Sadly Didn't Return In 2015

We still need your guidance, Neil.

34 Times Ed Sheeran Ruled The World In 2015

He definitely had the best year ever.

33 Horrific Middle-Class Problems From 2015

"Too self-conscious to pay for Starbucks with the Apple Watch" and other tales. Via @middleclassprob.

31 British Men Who Just Wanted You To Love Them In 2015

*drinks litre of tea to quench thirst*

The 25 Most Important Accidental Partridge Moments Of 2015

Barging round Britain with John Sergeant, anyone? From Accidental Partridge.

21 Of The Greatest Examples Of Fragile Masculinity In 2015

Let's follow the thought processes here.

31 Brilliant Words You Didn't Know You Needed In 2015

From tidsoptimist to textrovert, via @words.

41 Devastatingly British Things That Happened In 2015

You wouldn't want to live anywhere else...right?

21 Times Glasgow Out-Glasgowed Itself In 2015

Nothing will ever be more Glasgow than 2015 Glasgow.

23 Incredibly Disrespectful Things People Did To Food In 2015

This year was a disaster from start to finish.

17 Of The Greatest Supermarket Substitution Fails Of 2015

When you ask for baby wipes and they send you whisky.

Can You Beat This Fiendish "Bake Off" Challenge?

It was the most-watched British programme in 2015, so let's see how much you were really paying attention.

The 17 Most Important British Memes Of 2015

It's been a standout year for high-quality memes.

18 Times James Blunt Took No Shit On Twitter In 2015

Not even he thinks you're beautiful.

How Many British Movies Did You Watch In 2015?

There was more to 2015 than just Spectre.

21 Times Neville Longbottom Out-Longbottomed Himself In 2015

The year we found out Matthew Lewis doesn't just have a long bottom.

35 Of The Funniest "Game Of Thrones" Jokes From 2015

The off-season is dark and full of terrors – distract yourself with these Thrones-based lolz from the past 12 months.

16 Times Tesco Failed So Hard It Just Failed In 2015

Tesco, babes, you need to calm the fuck down.

14 Times Scarlett Moffatt Was Sassy As Hell On "Gogglebox" In 2015

There is no better communicator than her.

The 27 Most Important Things Cats Did On The Internet In 2015

It will be remembered as a vintage year for cats on the internet.

22 Times We Reached Peak Guardian In 2015

"Help! Is my quinoa destroying the planet?"

37 Times Scottish Twitter Was The Funniest Place On The Internet In 2015

Scottish Twitter might be the wildest place on the internet.

The 25 Most WTF Things That Happened In Britain In 2015

Featuring ketamine, David Cameron, and a horrible, horrible poo.

21 Pictures That Prove 2015 Was The Year Fuckboys Peaked

Fuckboys have peaked — let them go home.

42 Genius Tweets That Made British People Piss Themselves In 2015

There hasn't been a lot to laugh at in 2015, but thankfully Britain always seems to find a way.

The 29 Most WTF TV Moments Of 2015

It has been a wonderfully WTF year. Some bits are a bit NSFW.

22 Times Waitrose Went Way, Way Too Far In 2015


18 Of The Poshest Things To Happen In Britain In 2015

It truly was the year that posh crisps went out of control.

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