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15 Things Sydney Got Really Fucking Excited About In 2015


1. Taking an Instagram pic at Aqua S.

2. H&M Opening.

maschamascha / Via

Sydney-siders queued dedicatedly outside the H&M CBD store before it opened its doors for the first time, eager to browse Australia's third outpost of the international cult-chain store (the first Sydney outpost opened in North Ryde in 2014.)

3. Gelato Messina doing delivery.

gelatomessina / Via

Messina originated in Sydney and has maintained a strong fanbase there ever since, so it's not surprising that people lost their shit when they announced a delivery service in partnership with Suppertime.

4. The friendly Opera House seal.

@Hurf41 / Via Twitter: @search

The seal that sometimes sun bakes on the Opera House steps reportedly appeared in 2014 but has continued to pop up throughout 2015. People are pretty happy that he's stuck around.

5. Vivid festival.

eddie_spageddie78 / Via

Sydney’s annual festival of music and creativity continues to draw in strong crowds. This year was no exception thanks to gigs by Aussie music stars such as Flume and Chet Faker at the Opera House forecourt, and the whimsical use of the MCA as a screen on which to project fairytale-inspired lights.

6. Tella Ball Milkshakes.

foodcraftespresso / Via

Some enterprising guys at a cafe in Erskineville started sticking Nutella-filled doughnut balls on top of their chocolate milkshakes and the people of Sydney went crazy for it. The End.

7. Doughnuts in general.

glazed.doughnuts / Via

2015 was the year that Sydney was actually obsessed with doughnuts. Boutique doughnut businesses sprung up left right and centre, due to popular demand and a foodie fixation with the comforting, carb-y confections. We're not complaining.

8. Forever 21 Opening.

Gyan Yankovich / BuzzFeed

Sydney was graced with yet another big, bright International retail chain with the opening of Forever 21 in Pitt St Mall. The usual anticipation-fuelled hype ensued. The launch party even involved a squad of cheerleaders.

9. The Night Noodle Markets.

10. This extravagant cheese toastie.

Gyan Yankovich / BuzzFeed

When chef Peter Gilmore took over the Bennelong restaurant at the Opera House this year, one new menu item caught the particular attention of Sydney-siders: the fancy-schmancy cheese toastie, made with creme fraiche brioche, five different kinds of cheese, and black truffle.

11. Zara Home Opening.

Hannah Mars / BuzzFeed

Zara opened their very first home store in Sydney late this year, and it looks set to become just as popular as its clothing-stocked cousin, judging by the initial crowds.

12. Katherine Sabbath's sweet creations.

katherine_sabbath / Via Instagram: @katherine_sabbath

Katherine Sabbath is literally the lady who won Instagram in 2015. She began to make a name for herself in 2014 as an uber talented, self-taught baker, but this year saw her really explode. As if you wouldn't get excited over such a magical looking cake?!

13. T.Swift's concert.

taylorswift / Via

When Taylor Swift came to town in November, dedicated fans flocked to her sold-out show at the ANZ stadium, and there wasn't really one bad review. In fact, die-hard fan-girls (and boys), and professional critics alike sung her praises.

14. These OTT Bloody Mary's.

Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

So, a cafe in Darlinghurst called Bloody Mary's opened with one mission and one mission only: to make the most over-the-top, overflowing, and sometimes downright odd variations of this classic brunch time cocktail. Sydney got on board. Fair to say, mission accomplished.

15. Mary's doing delivery.

marysnewtown / Via

Basically in 2015, Sydney became obsessed with comfort food. Was everyone going through a break-up or collectively hungover? Whatever. Ice cream, doughnuts, toasties, cake and finally burgers made the city tick. You don't have to be heartbroken or hungover to thoroughly enjoy a Mary's feed, however.

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